Vertical Garden


We also provide vertical gardens at our customer service. When living in a city, space is an issue. These vertical gardens will show one way to make best use of the space you have vertical space.

Vertical garden or green wall is a partially or completely covered with vegetation that includes a growing indoors or outdoors, freestanding or attached to an existing wall and come in a great variety of size.

Green walls have seen a recent surge in popularity.

Green walls are found most often in urban environments where the plants reduce overall temperatures of the building. The primary cause of heat build-up in cities is insolation the adsorption of solar radiation by roads and buildings in the city and the storage of this heat in the building material and its subsequent re-radiation. Plant surface however as a result of transpiration, do not rise more than 4-5 C above the ambient and are sometimes cooler.

Living walls are particularly suitable for cities, as they allow good use of available vertical surface areas. They are also suitable in arid areas, as the circulating water on vertical wall is less likely to evaporate than in horizontal gardens.

How to start vertical garden:

1) Choose a wall

2) Build frame

The basic structure of a vertical garden wall is a three layer sandwich made of frame plastic sheeting and fabric. Build the
whole setup before handling it.

3) Attach plastic sheeting

4) Attach fabric

5) Set up irrigation system

6) Add fertilizer injector and attach irrigation system to water source

7) Chose your plant

8) Insert plant

9) Plant design