Company Info

After being leaders in the horticulture sector for about three decades, Rushikesh Rosarian is now foraying further into niche segment. Vericlone is a venturethat specializes in cultivating and supplying fruit and flower plants viz., Orchids, pomegranate, banana, sugarcane and teak through plant tissue culture. Backed up with an expertise of thirty years we know the importance of adopting the best practices and hence have adapted the tissue culture technology only to fabricate optimum quality products.

India ranks second in the world in terms of its cultivation output. By supplying plants and saplings to the farmers, we strive to make a qualitative and quantitative difference to the supply chain which will benefit the farmer and the end consumer. We strive to benefit everybody involved in the supply and the consumption process and to make a difference in the output volume and quality.

With a 2000 sq. ft. laboratory, highly qualified staff and a nursery spread across two acres of land,

Once the tissue culture procedure is completed, it is only plants that meet the most scrupulous standard which become a part of the supply chain.


Our vision provides a framework for the road ahead and influences every aspects of our business by creating a foundation to accomplish sustainable quality growth.

As we move towards our goal of becoming leaders in the horticulture industry, we look at achieving sustainable growth for everyone involved in the production, sully and consumption process. We seek to make a qualitative difference to the national agricultural output by adopting the most advanced technology in the plant tissue culture.


  • To make continuous efforts to recognize and reach out to the tapped and untapped national and international markets.
  • To produce and supply international quality products by implementing standardized procedures of micropropogation and plant tissue culture.
  • To fascilitate vaulue and quality production and eventually benefit the buyers and end consumers.

At your service!

At Vericlone we assist our buyers at every step and provide regular after sale inputs on cultivation practices, fertigation programs, and offer efficient plant protection measures. We not only have established network for the sapling market but we also assists our buyers in tapping the right markets for the end products and achieving maximum profit.

Our grading and tapping facilities meet all protocols. Hence, one can be rest assured about the export of plants whether it is within the country or abroad. Plants are shipped to customers in agar, ex-agar or fully hardened, depending on their requirements.

We also sale pots and fertilizer.

Tapping the markets the right!

Marketing and distribution are along the most difficult tasks at hand for any manufacturer. Having said that we at vericlone, take pride in our excellent marketing and distribution network. Our plants and saplings are supplied to farmers and flower growers pan India. Our dealers proactively ensure that the entire demandand supply chain takes place smoothly. They provide end to end technical assistance and other expertise at every leap. And it is not just support, but complete end to end solutions that they offer, right until the end point of sale.

Our distribution network is not only restricted to India, but we have ours wings spread in the international market as well. We currently focusing at establishing ourselves as prominent suppliers in the united kingdom and the Netherlands among other European countries.