Mr. Hrishikesh Maharudra Sherikar

person-236x300Hrishikesh Sherikar is founder of Vericlone Tissue Technoilogies. His innovative and optimist approach towords business helps organization climb the success ladder. His vivid stratergy planning and realistic bench mark given a significant result for organization.
He is originally from Pune, India, where he was born on October 3, 1987. He holds bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from Pune University, a Master’s degree in biotechnology from Pune University and a master’s degree in crop biotechnology and entrepreneurship from Nottingham University England.
Full name : Hrishikesh maharudra sherikar
Date of birth : October 3rd, 1987
Bachelor of Science – Pune University, Masters of Science – Pune University, Masters of Science – Nottingham University, England

Dr. Patil

Dr. Patil has done Msc in Mycology and he is PhD in tissue culture technology. Last 20 years Dr patil has help set up more than 10 tissue culture laboratories all over India. Dr. Patil helped Maharashtra government by being a consultant of horticulture training center, pune India. He is mentor of many PhD students. Ana interesting fact is that Dr. patil to his credit has six million tress which he grows every year that accounts for 10 trees per min, so even if Dr.patil is sleeping somewhere some tree is growing in the laboratory.
PhD, university of Pune

Ms . Yeole

Ms. Yeole known for her qualities of networking and technology are rare combination of technical and management skills. Her experience in various parts has help Vericlone Tissue technology in achieving remarkable success over the years.
Bachelor of Science, Pune University,
Master of Science, Pune University